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Android : Prosperity of your business and wide accessibility of your services are our target zones. The developers understand how to structure the application tasks efficiently so that they are prioritized effectively. It is ensured that unused processes are given low priority so that they are killed instantly and the performance maintains its pace accordingly. The team of our developers has in-depth knowledge of:

Android SDK

  • Latest techniques to build and test Android applications
  • In-depth study of most recent Android platform prior to getting started

Device Emulator, tools for debugging, and plug-ins for Eclipse IDE

  • Recent modifications in various tools and plug-ins
  • Employment of appropriate tool with latest Android version

Systems and Services (lists and grids)

  • Set of views such as lists, grids etc
  • Content Providers to share content among different applications
  • Resource Manager to manage non-code resources such as graphics and layout files
  • Notification Manager for custom alerts on status bar


  • Media libraries to manage audio, video and image files
  • Surface Manager to manage access to display subsystems
  • LibWeb Core for embeddable web view

Android uses Dalvik Virtual Machine and Android Run time to manage application memory. Our experienced Android developers know how to structure the application tasks so that they are prioritized correctly. We ensure that application processes being used get high priority and hence do not get killed. Also unused processes get a lower priority and get killed to improve performance of the phone.