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Dedicated Offshore Development Center

Offshore Development Center

Inveera’s Offshore Development Center or ODC has top-class infrastructure, with trained professionals. ODC is geared to coordinate with your onshore members and thereby serve as an extended arm of your own company. You can depend on our ODC’s analysts, developers, designers, and Quality Assurance personnel for all your needs.

Advantages of Inveera’s Offshore Development Center

  • The ODC’s large pool of trained software developers can work with you
  • You can add or remove resource personnel as per your needs
  • Our ODC helps you focus on your core competency
  • The ODC has cost advantages, compared to working in your own country
  • ODC personnel will be totally dedicated to your work
  • You need not relocate your own onshore staff
  • Cost of outsourcing is much lower
  • ODC’s Software professional are highly skilled and talented

Work Control

  • You can depend on ODC for data confidentiality and IP protection
  • We provide security against the loss of Data
  • You can constantly remain in touch with Inveera’s dedicated staff through email, messenger or VoIP
  • With Inveera, you can get an auditable daily work report
  • You can choose to implement different work-related policies

Why choose Inveera’s Dedicated Development Center?

  • Inveera’s dedicated team can carry out product and application development and application maintenance at affordable costs
  • Your work begins on the day, the deal is struck
  • Inveera helps you in fast development with committed deadlines
  • With Inveera, you have ready access to our infrastructure and technical staff
  • Inveera provides you with the necessary HR and organizational support
  • You can be assured of physical and network security and a centralized back-up

Steps required in the appointment of your Dedicated Team for Development

  • Finalizing the deal with Inveera
  • Analysis of requirement
  • Approval of Inveera’s team
  • Utilization of resources
  • Assigning Tasks to members of the dedicated team
  • The last step is the review of team work