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Product Engineering

We use a combination of prototyping and iterative development methodology (Agile/Scrum) to define and develop innovative products for our clients. The architecture of the product is designed based on the model selected for distribution of the product – SAAS based or product distributed under licenses.

Our product engineering service includes:

  • Rapid Prototyping
    1. Requisite experience, tools and methodology in place that helps deliver proof of concept / prototype
  • Product Development
    1. Designs based on proven architecture patterns and data models to build robust products
    2. Iterative agile methodology with frequent deliveries
    3. Regular communication with clients maintained; hence, client’s reviews are incorporated during the development life cycle of the project
  • Product reengineering
    1. Re-engineering services like porting to other platform or modifying system’s architecture to improve performance, security and stability of the system
    2. Code review to identify and fix potential bottlenecks and errors such as pointer errors, memory leaks, code fragments etc. that lowers system performance and efficiency
  • Product Maintenance and support
    1. Enhancements and bug fixing
    2. Different types of support packages are
      A. hourly basis
      B. monthly basis (pre-defined number of hours in a month – standard packages such as 40 hrs in a month, 80 hrs in a month, 160 hrs in a month)
      C. ticket based