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Web Application Development

Have an idea? Get started by hiring our services. We are experienced in producing finest web applications by understanding your needs. The designing and development team is well-versed and can convert even the most complex of your idea into a high-end web application. Taking note of the database and server necessities, we can offer services ranging from .NET and MS SQL to PHP and MY SQL. Applications designed are enriched with the following attributes-

  • Rich UI with Ajax based client side scripting-
    1. Compatibility with all web browsers and operating systems
    2. Comprehensive design ensuring incorporation of latest Photoshop trends
  • Performance-oriented, secure and robust applications-
    1. Swift display of web pages on click of the link
    2. Optimization of code with most secured algorithms
  • N-tier architecture designed in MVC (Model View Controller) pattern-
    1. Finest architecture model employed for optimum efficiency
    2. Latest trends recognized and most secured algorithms used
  • Premium Security –
    1. Encryption/decryption algorithms used for storing and securing sensitive data
    2. Encryption/decryption algorithms used for storing sensitive data
    3. Employment of SSL and HTTPS protocols
  • Quick downloading of website on all web browsers-
    1. Most efficient codes written and optimized using effective algorithms
    2. Topmost optimization of images
  • Uninterrupted integration ensured with –
    1. Payment gateways and SMS gateways
    2. Third party APIs (Quickbook, eBay, Amazon etc.)